The Portfolio Review Series

The Portfolio Review Series is a platform for interactions between local artists and the Coral Gables Museum’s public. In the past, we have invited different communities of artists to showcase their work in the Museum. We hosted small groups of approximately ten artists in our Community Meeting Room for one night. Instead of works on the wall, artists displayed their portfolios, sketches, catalogs, small, unframed pieces, and other materials, for an evening of great conversation. These sessions have been a good opportunity for artists to network and to engage in new ideas and projects, as well as a chance for our visitors to meet our local talent.

Amidst the necessary social distancing, when visits to Museums or to artists’ studios are not in the scope, we are bringing this project online. Instead of inviting a group of artists to our galleries, we have thought of presenting the work of one creative at a time.

Check-in each Wednesday for a new featured artist!

The Portfolio Review Series Online

The Porfolio Review Series in our Community Meeting Room

Curated by: Yuneikys Villalonga, Chief Curator
Curatorial Assistance, Video Editing & Graphic Design: Pamela Londono